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Kate Moss: Golden Girl

Gold Statue of Kate Moss

Gold Statue of Kate Moss

No, she’s not starring in some revival of the awesome octogenarian eighties comedy series – no, Kate Moss is the subject of a solid gold sculpture in her likeness that went on display yesterday in London. Supposedly, the statue is the world’s largest gold statue built since the time of ancient Egypt, and on sale for around three million bucks.



Anyone have an Amazon Kindle?

Amazon Kindle

Do any witz.org readers have one of these apparently awesome Kindle from Amazon? We gotta admit we are tempted to purchase.

For those who have no earthly idea what these are, Amazon describes it as a wireless reading device, which is pretty accurate – you can download electronic versions of books straight to it via built in Sprint EVDO networking. Tres’ awesome.

The downside? Some people are are a bit down on it, the design geeks think it stinks, and it costs $399. Eek.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments please. Yes, those are referral links to Amazon.

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