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FNMTV – the return of the music video!

MTV is bringing back music videos from the dead – or at least bringing them back to television. Oh yeah, Pete Wentz is involved.

There are some awesome promos for the show that include Heidi and Spencer of “The Hills”, that are actually funny.

Do us a personal favor and check it out!

FN MTV Premiere Taping (Absolute Punk)
Pete Wentz, ‘FNMTV’ And I Try To Save The Music Video (MTV News)
It’s an FNMTV summer (TV Squad)
FNMTV Premieres (Official site of FNMTV)

Guy Ritchie’s amazing soccer commercial

Considering we haven’t heard much from Mr. Madonna lately, it’s awesome to see the very talented Mr. Ritchie use his skills in this killer spot for Nike Football (cough, Soccer, cough).

A great point of view style, spot the cameos – full video after the jump

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Mazda5 Video: Gas Pump gives the smackdown to fuel addicts


Mazda Gas Pump Pusher

This hysterical new spot for the new Mazda5 shows off it’s fuel efficiency with incredible humor, with a gas pump becoming a pusher! Take a look at the video and see for yourself.


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