Pharaoh Wacko Jacko


The Pharaoh of Pop doesn’t quite have the same ring to it as King of Pop, but visitors to Chicago’s Field Museum could swear that’s Jacko’s face on a 3,000-year-old Egyptian bust. 

The spitting image limestone sculpture has been on display at the museum since 1988, but recently started drawing attention because of its likeness to Michael Jackson — complete with disfigured nose.


Pinky Cubans

For years now, when we listened to the 1994 Morrissey hit single “Now My Heart Is Full”, I thought the song’s refrain referred to “Pinky Cubans”. I was saddened to recently find out that alas, the line is “Pinkie, Cubitt”, referring to characters in Graham Greene‘s novel Brighton Rock.

Apparently misheard lyrics are a cottage industry, as a website called “Kiss This Guy”, has a huge database of them.

What are your favorite misheard lyrics? Leave them in the comments…