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Pinky Cubans

For years now, when we listened to the 1994 Morrissey hit single “Now My Heart Is Full”, I thought the song’s refrain referred to “Pinky Cubans”. I was saddened to recently find out that alas, the line is “Pinkie, Cubitt”, referring to characters in Graham Greene‘s novel Brighton Rock.

Apparently misheard lyrics are a cottage industry, as a website called “Kiss This Guy”, has a huge database of them.

What are your favorite misheard lyrics? Leave them in the comments…

FNMTV – the return of the music video!

MTV is bringing back music videos from the dead – or at least bringing them back to television. Oh yeah, Pete Wentz is involved.

There are some awesome promos for the show that include Heidi and Spencer of “The Hills”, that are actually funny.

Do us a personal favor and check it out!

FN MTV Premiere Taping (Absolute Punk)
Pete Wentz, ‘FNMTV’ And I Try To Save The Music Video (MTV News)
It’s an FNMTV summer (TV Squad)
FNMTV Premieres (Official site of FNMTV)

McCain: Nope

NewsCorpse is rocking these parodies of Shepard Fairey‘s infamous Obama “Hope” Poster – this time, it’s McCain, with the caption NOPE.


This isn’t exactly new, there quite a few parodies, among them POPE (picture of the Pope), SNOB (right wing Obama mashup), GROPE (Bill Clinton), and DOPE (a comment on Obama’s supposed drug experimenting).

So the next question: will Hilary get the Veep nod?

Journey has a new tiny lead singer from the Phillipines!


From Wikipedia:

In December 2007, after briefly considering the lead singer of a Virginia-based tribute band, Journey hired Filipino singer Arnel Pineda of the cover band The Zoo after Neal Schon saw him on YouTube singing covers of Journey songs…(!)

This guy sounds just like old Steve Perry too. Weird.

(Journey performs “Seperate Ways” on Ellen, via The Daily Swarm)

More Arnel Pineda videos

Scarlett Johansson: “Falling Down” Sessions at AOL

On the eve of the release of Scarlett Johansson‘s debut album, this live AOL Session has surfaced of ScarJo tackling Tom Waits“Falling Down” – sounds good here, but some are claiming she’s off key.

Do your prefer the Scarlett or Tom version? Listen to Tom’s original version after the jump, and let us know what you think in comments….

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