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Strange day out here at Windswept Fields

Richie Tennebaum

Perhaps the best fake magazine cover in the history of cinema

Who knew the Baumer suffered his meltdown in 1994? One of saddest days in fictional sports.

The Royal Tenenbaums is now out on an awesome Criterion Collection Blu-Ray. A must own.

“Where The Wild Things Are” Trailer

Beyond excited to see Spike Jonze‘s vision of the classic book by Maurice Sendak“Where The Wild Things Are”. By the looks of the trailer, it is gonna be fantastic. The music by Arcade Fire is a nice touch…

via The Playlist

HD Version on Apple Quicktime

Christian Bale’s voice for Batman – say what?

Just adding to the growing conversation over Christian Bale’s gravelly Clint Eastwood voice he uses as Batman in The Dark Knight – we are with the “over the top” crew ourselves.

Someone even took it upon themselves to create this funny/clever Batman/Joker interrogation room scene spoof, which addresses Bale’s gravelly diction…