Artie Lange attacks assistant, quits Howard Stern show?

Artie Lange

Amazing turn of events this morning on the Howard Stern radio show (live on Sirius), as long-time sidekick Artie Lange got in a heated, long winded on-air argument with his assistant Teddy Microphone. After several minutes, Artie apparently lost his cool and attempted to attack Teddy, and needed to be restrained and removed from the studio.

Artie later returned to offered his resignation – Stern accepted, but asked Artie to go home and cool down. Just before Lange left he said to Stern: “I’m not a good person, I gotta leave, I love you.”

Listen to the audio clip after the jump (via Iced Blog), detailing some of the argument between Teddy and Lange and the drama that followed afterwards…

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Artie was expected to leave today for Amsterdam for a short vacation, his future show status is uncertain. Starting on Friday, April 11, the Howard Stern show is on hiatus.

The events surrounding Artie today have already had some noticeable implications:

* Stern Fan Network has been so overloaded by comments and visitors their server went down.
* Google Trends for April 10, 2008 has Artie Lange as the #1 “Hot Trend”.
* Sirius 100 has not been repeating today’s show, according to

What happens next? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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