Monthly Archives: September 2007

Buy your own band on ebay (“Basest included”)


The bidding has started for the opportunity to win your very own rock band via ebay. From the “item” description:

Who hasn’t wanted to be in a rock band? But putting one together can be tough. Don’t let the dream slip away…This is your chance! We’ve done the work for you. All you have to do is bid, win, show-up, and rock. This is a once in a lifetime offer (if it works out though, who knows).

This is heavily rumored to be a performance art/prank from none other than Jake Bronstein himself.

Regardless of the auction description and it’s myriad of spelling errors (“Basest”, “Jameriqui”), not a bad way to fill your rock star dreams/ambitions, eh?

More info at the “band’s” MusicNation page.