Esquire: long shelf life, high pass-along rate


(click on image for larger version of cameraphone proof) was recently stuck in our local laundromat having to do some emergency washing. Stuck without any reading material, we were pleased to see in the community magazine rack what we thought was the latest annual “Dubious Achievements” issue of Esquire magazine.

Imagine our surprise upon approaching the magazine to discover the issue was, uh, a tad on the outdated side. How outdated? 10 years!

Later research revealed that Esquire stopped the “Dubious Achievements” feature back in 2004. Whoops. Correction: Dubious Achievements still lives, according to an Esquire editor who emailed in.

So how was the issue, one of the last before the dawning of the David Granger era? Eh. A little thin, though more entertaining than watching socks dry.