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MTV, Kennedy, and Martin Landau


Some our older readers might remember Kennedy, the four-eyed MTV VJ whose star burned bright in the mid-1990s. Poor Kennedy was picked on quite frequently by not only by viewers, but as this clip will show, legendary Hollywood actors as well. Seems at the 1996 premiere of “Mission Impossible”, Martin Landau took exception to the fact that young Kennedy was less than familiar with his career

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WATCH: Martin Impossible: Get schooled by a noted actor

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“Mike Patton Is Not God!”

Bizarre segment from the soap opera All My Children.

Several weird musical references for a soap opera: Ziggy Stardust, Hanoi Rocks, New York Dolls – most bizarrely is this exchange about Mike Patton:

“Mike Patton is not God!” Babe exclaims. Zarf turns back to look at her as she goes on that she knows he’s one of his musical idols. She knows he’s talented, but God? Doesn’t he think that diminishes the contributions of the other members of his band? Faith No More, Mr. Bungle, maybe even Tomahawk? Zarf notes she’s been reading his blog, but she has to be a long-established fan to access that site.


Madonna is Hung Up on Grey Gardens, Edie Beale

Since saw this clip on Perez Hilton and decided to post it on YouTube, it has been mentioned in Entertainment Weekly, and shown up on iFIlm, and become an (tiny) meme. We figured a standalone post was worth it.

For those If you aren’t familiar with Grey Gardens and Edie Beale, follow the links.

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