Why Comic-Con is awesome: Pink Darth Vader!


Sadly, witz.org missed San Diego’s annual “Nerd Prom” this year, after having attended a few times in the past. If you haven’t gone, it’s always worth the trip. Just avoid Saturday.

We did try to be there in spirit by following the Comic-Con through the media. G4 TV provided some basic lame-o coverage and the comics blogs filled us in on obssessive details.

The highlight of Comic-Con is always the costumed freak-show, so we were tickled, uh, pink to see this insane version of Darth Vader photographed by Fantagraphics. The cigarette is an extra nice touch.

(Photo via Fantagraphics Blog)

UPDATE: A tipster let us know that Pink Vader is a she and goes by the moniker Darth Vera, and was spotted countless times at Comic-Con, including here, here, here, AND here. And over here.

Darth Vera, we salute you.

UPDATE #2: Boing Boing jumps on the bandwagon.