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Morrissey to Robbie Williams: You Look Orange


The pale one calls out the tan one; it’s funny because it’s true:

Robbie Williams was on the receiving end of Morrissey’s misery this weekend when he appeared on the Jonathan Ross Show in the UK.

Morrissey apparently walked up to the former Take That singer and announced to him: “You look very orange.”

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Pete Doherty: staying classy with syringes, blood.


Pete Doherty shocked MTV News (UK) TV crews during a recent backstage interview when he squirted a syringe of his own blood at a news camera.

Pure craziness – you can watch the shocking clip here (PC only) or if you rock a Mac, watch the video after the jump

Seriously, what is the betting line on when Doherty is going to die? Late 2006? Early 2007?

Read: NME.COM – News – Pete Doherty in MTV syringe fiasco

Watch: Pete Doherty’s most shocking moment: MTV (USA)

or See the video after the jump…

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Hands off the shiny bike!


Our advice: When you pass the Hell’s Angels compound on East 3rd Street, put your head down and keep walking.

Servetti, 29, was walking with a pal past the Angels’ clubhouse on East Third Street Sunday morning when he was so taken with the shiny Harleys parked outside that he decided to sit on one.

Seconds later, two men came running out of the club, he told cops.

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