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Pee Shy? Try this for stage fright…


It’s new men’s restroom at the Sofitel hotel in Queenstown, New Zealand. Should force most (average) guys to go use a stall instead.

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A news report on the Sofitel’s unusual restroom decor can be viewed here

Excerpt: Five star hotels are normally famous for their opulence and their design but the new $45 million Sofitel in Queenstown is gaining notoriety for its little boys room.

It has brought the hotel a couple of complaints from church goers and a couple of hundred people wanting to take a look.

It’s the most popular room in the five star hotel.

Hotel manager Mark Wilkinson says the toilets were just a way of putting a little levity into the posh hotel.

“Certainly it wasn’t our intention to offend anyone,” he says.

Wake up Maggie, I think I got something to say to you

maggiegrace.jpg is sadly buying into the whole new Maggie Grace buzz – first on the craptacular ABC show ‘Lost’, and now in the lower-budget (but current #1 movie) big-screen ‘The Fog’.

Thankfully, she is not part of the current ‘Young Hollywood” crop.

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