The Dude Abides: Big Lebowski cast reunited!


Giant has reunited the entire Big Lebowski cast in their latest issue. It’s a keeper.

Jeff Bridges, on playing “The Dude”:

To prepare for the role I spent some time with the guy the Coens based the character on, Jeff The Dude Dowd. I wanted just to feel comfortable in my own skin, because thats the Dude, so half of the clothes in the movie were from my own wardrobe. I ate that extra pint of Hagen-Dazs and let my weight go and hair grow. I made the choice not to smoke weed, because that would have been too obvious. Anytime BL comes on the tube I think, OK, Ill just watch one scene. And then Turturro licks the ball and Im hooked. This year I played with my band at the L.A. Lebowski Fest. It was amazing to play to an audience full of Dudes. I suppose Ill forever be known as the Dude.

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