Subscriptions for Soldiers: guns, guns, and guns


Not to knock the advertisers, but this morning Google delivered an ad for something called Subscriptions for Soldiers that’s being done by publishing giant Primedia.

Seems like a noble enough effort – you can buy a soldier a subscription to a magazine, and boost Primedia titles circulation at the same time! Where the whole proposition gets a bit gross(er) is when you look at the titles they are offering in the program:

Florida Sportsman
Fly Fisherman
Game & Fish
Guns & Ammo
North American Whitetail
Petersen’s Bowhunting
Petersen’s Hunting
Rifle Shooter
Shooting Times
Shotgun News
Walleye In-Sider

So after a busy day hunting Iraqi insurgents while shooting and getting shot at, why not relax with a nice copy of Handguns to ease your mind? Or perhaps a hunting title?

Hats off to Primedia – keeping jittery soldiers jittery.

P.S. Primedia: it’s no secret that soldiers are looking for the exact opposite, just look at these fine fellas:

Photo: FHM Gas Mask day

Photo: Gasing with FHM

Photo: Masking with the hotties