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Subscriptions for Soldiers: guns, guns, and guns


Not to knock the advertisers, but this morning Google delivered an ad for something called Subscriptions for Soldiers that’s being done by publishing giant Primedia.

Seems like a noble enough effort – you can buy a soldier a subscription to a magazine, and boost Primedia titles circulation at the same time! Where the whole proposition gets a bit gross(er) is when you look at the titles they are offering in the program:

Florida Sportsman
Fly Fisherman
Game & Fish
Guns & Ammo
North American Whitetail
Petersen’s Bowhunting
Petersen’s Hunting
Rifle Shooter
Shooting Times
Shotgun News
Walleye In-Sider

So after a busy day hunting Iraqi insurgents while shooting and getting shot at, why not relax with a nice copy of Handguns to ease your mind? Or perhaps a hunting title?

Hats off to Primedia – keeping jittery soldiers jittery.

P.S. Primedia: it’s no secret that soldiers are looking for the exact opposite, just look at these fine fellas:

Photo: FHM Gas Mask day

Photo: Gasing with FHM

Photo: Masking with the hotties

Spotted: London Taxi Cab in New York City!


click on photo for larger image

We heard about these, but never saw them, until now. London-style cab, registered and driving around New York picking up fares. was beginning to think this was an urban legend until we caught it dropping off somebody on Perry Street the other day. One crappy cameraphone photo later and PROOF!

Great for New Yorkers – these cabs are big as a studio apartment, and go for about the same price per minute.

Read more about them here: Economist: London cabs in New York (Registration Required)

Are there more planned? Anyone know? loves to use these while in the UK…