You are sleeping. You do not want to believe.


From the August 2005 of MOJO Magazine, the mystery of a certain Smiths song is solved:

I was listening to the Smiths song Rubber Ring and was struck by the female voice at the end saying, ” You are sleeping . You do not want to believe”. Where did this uncommon example of sampling in the Morrissey & Marr oeuvre come from?”

Writer Fred Dellar answers:

The voice is off a 1971 record-and- book combo entitled Breakthrough: An Amazing Experiment In Electronic Communication with the Dead. This record purportedly contains recordings of the dead talking: the bit The Smiths used is a translation of a voice saying an enigmatic phrase in a broken mixture of Swedish and German. This peculiar recording- presumably a hopt biscuit on the young Morrissey’s turntable- was reissued in the US by the Bubble Core label in 2003.