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Photos: Vintage Video Arcade


It’s no secret spent many of his pre-teen years hanging around malls video arcades hoisting quarters in Dig-Dug, Defender, Asteroids, Q*Bert and the like. Surprisingly little of this era was documented, which is what makes this set of photos on Flickr so amazing. Apparently they are from a set of slides that were rescued from a dumpster.

For the record,’s favorite arcade way back when was called Starship Fantasy in Northwest Phoenix. The place was a mix between a disco and a bad science-fiction set, not unlike many of these photos.

Look: Retro Arcade – a photoset on Flickr


P.S. Best guess to the era of these photos is early Eighties. Note the trucker hats(!)

Rock: Diamond Nights MP3

Diamond Nights was made aware of Brooklyn rockers Diamond Nights through a far superior music blog than this one. Nevertheless, despite not discovering them before anyone else, we are still impressed with their EP “Once We Were Diamonds”. Diamond Nights do rock, sound a great deal like Cheap Trick meets The Darkness, and are best described as Power Metal Pop. can make some more shitty analogies, but we’ll spare you.

Download: Diamond Nights – “Destination Diamonds”

Taken from the wicked EP “Once We Were Diamonds”.

You are sleeping. You do not want to believe.


From the August 2005 of MOJO Magazine, the mystery of a certain Smiths song is solved:

I was listening to the Smiths song Rubber Ring and was struck by the female voice at the end saying, ” You are sleeping . You do not want to believe”. Where did this uncommon example of sampling in the Morrissey & Marr oeuvre come from?”

Writer Fred Dellar answers:

The voice is off a 1971 record-and- book combo entitled Breakthrough: An Amazing Experiment In Electronic Communication with the Dead. This record purportedly contains recordings of the dead talking: the bit The Smiths used is a translation of a voice saying an enigmatic phrase in a broken mixture of Swedish and German. This peculiar recording- presumably a hopt biscuit on the young Morrissey’s turntable- was reissued in the US by the Bubble Core label in 2003.


The World’s Most Terrifying Airports


(click picture for larger image)

A great roundup of the scariest airports to fly in and out of in the world. Pictured above is St. Maarten’s airport, which WFMU describes: Some genius decided it would be a good idea to plop a public beach right at the end of this airport’s runway, so you literally can have your ass blown into the sea from exhaust from 747s coming in and out…

Oh yeah, New York makes the list with, you guessed it, LaGuardia: …it’s so crowded on the tarmac you can’t swing a cat, and the runways are 7,000 feet (JFK has one 15,000 feet)…

Read: WFMU’s Beware of the Blog: Harrowing Goddamn Airports