Pete Doherty: Mr. Kate Moss?


Is Pete Doherty about to become the latest Mr. Kate Moss? Rumors continue to circulate that the ex-Libertine will wed Moss at Glastonbury.

Before he does that, Pete may want to zip up his fly – as seen above, he performed a Glastonbury set with his band Babyshambles while leaving his barn door wide open.

WATCH: Babyshambles (and others) live from Glastonbury

A 6/26/05 update: Total scam, per usual in the British Press.

MOSS “MARRIES” DOHERTY: Supermodel KATE MOSS and her rock star lover PETE DOHERTY have wed at this year’s (05) GLASTONBURY FESTIVAL in southwest England – in a fake ceremony.

British beauty Moss and the BABYSHAMBLES frontman yesterday (25JUN05) took part in the mock wedding, which is only valid for one day, at the site’s Chapel Of Love And Loathing In Lost Vagueness.

After the ceremony, the couple celebrated their pretend marriage by dancing to GEORGE MICHAEL song FAITH and the HUMAN LEAGUE’s TELL ME WHEN at a party held by clothing company DIESEL.

A Chapel Of Love spokesperson refused to comment, saying, “I do not expose my guests to the media glare.”