F*@k Radar Magazine: Revive Dynamite!

(Chewbacca pictured with Shaun Cassidy)

While witz.org thinks Radar is a fine publication (though it does remind us of Spy) and worthy of a resurrection, we think if you were going to resurrect a title, Mort Zuckerman should have sunk his $$$ into bringing back Dynamite!.

For those too young to remember, Dynamite! was a children’s magazine in the late ’70s that was available through Scholastic Book Order magazines that got distributed at public schools. With covers like “Catching Up With Logan’s Run!, witz.org can’t fathom how Dynamite ceased publication.

Read: Dynamite!: The Magazine

P.S. Note to Radar: ease up on the Tom Cruise Scientology stories. You are starting to sound like witz.org.

(Chewbacca pictured with Shaun Cassidy)