Cruise, Cruise, and Lohan = crazy on the couch!


First, Pre-Katie Holmes engaged Tom Cruise goes batshit crazy in love on Oprah, followed by…


Not yet engaged but trying to save face, Scientology-spin-control Tom Cruise goes on Jay Leno’s Tonight Show and tries his best to sooth fan fears that he has lost it by poking fun at his Oprah appearance, then…


Inexplicably, Lindsay Lohan does “The Tom Cruise Couch Dance” on Leno, setting off some bizarre reaction where she exposes more Lohan than neccessary.

(Photos via Defamer and JJB)

2 thoughts on “Cruise, Cruise, and Lohan = crazy on the couch!

  1. Ellen

    This guy is a freakin nut. Him and that loon of a girlfriend. He should be ashamed parading himslef around like an idiot in love. And she needs to get over it, hey Miss “wipe the drool off my face”, he’s a moron. As per his idiotic comments that have absolutley no basis of truth, I guess this is what happens when the midlife crisis bug hits you. Way to go Nicole, you got rid of him, just in the nick of time.

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