NYC Blog Gossip Alert

The anonymous, Ultragrrrl-obsessed, occassionally funny, but mostly hateful Some blogs are better than others has (almost certainly maybe) had their identity revealed by Gawker.

IP addresses never lie. Or do they? I dunno, ask your IT guy.

Read: Law & Order: Special Bloggers Edition : Gawker

While Some Blogs has had an occasional flash of bitchy brillance, never understood why someone would take THAT MUCH time to hate on anyone, particularly someone who isn’t an elected official. Though, as someone pointed out to, all press is good press – at least someone is talking about you!

UPDATE: Mystery solved, someone named James Stanford comes clean. Ultragrrrl says he should get the award for worst roommate ever for letting his two girl roommates(!) take the blame for his comments, anti-semitism, and misogyny.