Homo Zapping!

No, it’s not a Republican party plot to zap homosexuals like a bug zapper – rather Homo Zapping is a show on Channel 803 (Time Warner Cable Manhattan.)

Unfortunately, witz.org doesn’t subscribe to “Antena3”, but if anyone can explain why this show is called “Homo Zapping”, feel free to do so in the comments…

UPDATE: witz.org reader Luciano writes in with this explanation: “I live in barcelona and even though i dont watch a lot of tv i havee seen that show before. Its just like snips of the funniest things that happen on spanish tv (all channels) during the previous week. It sucks, as all other tv shows here in spain, and i guess the point is its got something to do with homo sapiens, ie: us, human. Not that clever or anything its just one of the worst plays on words ive ever seen, homo zapping, like homo sapiens, get it? neither do they…

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