Monthly Archives: April 2005

Beck Bearbrick Contest! (ENDED)

(click for larger image)


What do you get when you cross Beck and super-limited edition [email protected] toys? has no idea, but we assume it is something like this kick-ass contest.

To commemorate the release of Beck’s latest album, Guero, is giving away a limited edition set of 4 [email protected] signed by Beck himself! Each set will feature 4 bears, spelling out “B” “E” “C” “K”, just like the photo above. The set of bears also comes along with a copy of Beck

Office Space Reunion!

This month’s Giant Magazine has a 6 page article where they reunite the cast of Office Space (with the exception of Jennifer Aniston, who was likely too busy with her complicated personal life).

Two interesting tidbits from the reunion: David Herman, aka Michael Bolton, will be in Mike Judge’s next flick The Untitled Mike Judge Project, and the phrase “ass clown” entering American vernacular can be traced back to Office Space.

NYC Blog Gossip Alert

The anonymous, Ultragrrrl-obsessed, occassionally funny, but mostly hateful Some blogs are better than others has (almost certainly maybe) had their identity revealed by Gawker.

IP addresses never lie. Or do they? I dunno, ask your IT guy.

Read: Law & Order: Special Bloggers Edition : Gawker

While Some Blogs has had an occasional flash of bitchy brillance, never understood why someone would take THAT MUCH time to hate on anyone, particularly someone who isn’t an elected official. Though, as someone pointed out to, all press is good press – at least someone is talking about you!

UPDATE: Mystery solved, someone named James Stanford comes clean. Ultragrrrl says he should get the award for worst roommate ever for letting his two girl roommates(!) take the blame for his comments, anti-semitism, and misogyny.