Nineties Indie Pop Redux: Birdland

Nearly 14 years ago, was a fan of a bubblepunk group called Birdland. Even saw them play at a club called the Mason Jar in Phoenix, Arizona. Perhaps one of the worst shows ever, the all-blonde British quartet threw a hissy fit and walked off stage after a few songs.

Nevertheless, still enjoys Birdland’s self-titled debut, one of the better 10 cent cds on Amazon. Birdland did nothing after this cd, and to this day are somewhat of an early nineties-music inside joke amongst music snobs. Nevertheless, some label in the UK decided to release a remastered Birdland anthology called “Paradise” (pictured above) in late 2004.

For our money, Birdland did have one great song. Download Birdland: “Shoot You Down”.

Buy Birdland’s debut album here.

Interested in Birdland rarities? Neither is But they do exist – you can read about them here.