Rocking the Adidas “Zissou”

Anyone who saw the recent Wes Anderson flick “The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou” probably remembers Steve Zissou (played by Bill Murray) opening up some Adidas “Zissou” model sneakers.

Josh Rubin’s Cool Hunting has the complete lowdown on the unavailable kicks, which some people have been so desperate for that they have made their own custom version.

Adidas has no plans to make the “Zissou”, but you can read how that might change here.

(For those who have not seen “Life Aquatic” yet, you are missing out on Wes Anderson‘s 4th best film!)

UPDATE: If you really want these badly, there is a petition you can sign. Additionally, the blogger from Gawker throws down against the shoe, saying “…you do not have to fall for this pandering, embarrassing, suffocatingly precious sight gag.”

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