01-03-05 is totally odd

According to this puff piece in the Daily News, today is a digital fluke:

Today’s date – 1/03/05, the first three odd numbers – is a digital fluke that happens, well, only once a century.

“Haley’s Comet happens more frequently than this does,” said Ron Gordon, a teacher from Redwood City, Calif., who has declared today an official holiday for fellow oddballs.

The last time calendars saw this offbeat string of integers was Jan. 3, 1905.

It may come as no surprise that the 59-year-old safety education teacher who launched square root day on 9/09/81 has a few suggestions on how to commemorate this once-a-century alignment of digits.

Spend the day mulling why when you add odd numbers they always come out even, he offered.

“Just have fun with it,” he said. “Most of us won’t be here in a hundred years”

NERDS! witz.org particularly likes that the story ends on a depressing note. Enjoy today, because when the next one rolls around, you will be dead.