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Help for the Tsunami Victims

CNN International provided the following list of agencies raising funds for Tsunami victims.

Action Against Hunger (212-967-7800) — — The agency says it’s raised $8,000 so far in the U.S. Anne-Sophie Fournier, AAH’s New York Executive Director, told CNN that there are about 15 ex-pats working in Sri Lanka, and more volunteers are on the way to Thailand and Indonesia.

Air Serv International (540-428-2323) — — The agency is working with U.S. and European government agencies to begin relief flights into Sri Lanka, southeast India and Maldives as early as Wednesday.

American Jewish World Service (212-736-2597) — — The agency said it has raised nearly $200,000 through phone and Internet contributions and is working with its 24 project partners around the world on relief efforts. The relief agency told CNN it has found local shopkeepers whose shops weren’t destroyed and asked them to make donations until more supplies arrive.

Direct Relief International (805-964-4767) — — The agency said shipping giant FedEx Corp. has offered free air freight services. It has also asked consumer products maker Johnson & Johnson to match donations.

Plan USA (800-556-7918) — — The agency has been working to raise money for food, shelter and clean water with about 100 staffers in Sri Lanka working with people on the ground. Hugh Minor, spokesman for Plan USA, said the response has been positive, with one individual donating $50,000.

Project Hope (800-544-4673) — — The agency has sent medical supplies and medicines to Thailand and Indonesia. Project Hope said it’s received offers of medical supplies and individual donations but did not specify a dollar figure.

World Emergency Relief (760-930-8001) — — The agency has shipped 5,000 pounds of sheets, blankets and food to Columbo, Sri Lanka and sent 250 boxes from England with food, hygiene supplies and tents. The agency plans to ship 300,000 pounds more food within the next week, mostly to Thailand.

Read the CNN piece:Relief effort for Asia

(courtesy brooklyvegan

) Best Albums of 2004 presents his best of 2004: an alphabetical list of the what we believe to be the best albums released this year. Feel free to disagree in the comment area. (Comments closed). Yes, we know most of you hate the new Interpol. Frankly, I don’t care.

P.S. Upon compiling this list, noticed we have a lot of the same musical taste as a white teenage girl who dresses in Hot Topic and digs The O.C. Our ears though, right? best of 2004

Ellen Allien

Bathing Ape opens in New York

Japanese streetwear giants A Bathing Ape have just opened a store here in New York on Greene Street between Prince and Spring. It’s really a site to behold – lines of kids waiting to get it, $300 sweatshirts, conveyor belt of Bape sneakers – the works. It’s like Tokyo in NYC.

While was there we spotted Bathing Ape founder Nigo in the store being interviewed for some Japanese TV show. He had a bodyguard(!) and we snapped this shitty cameraphone pic, above. Nigo is on the right and is about 5 feet tall in person.