Asian Class Picture Mystery

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This picture got forwarded to yesterday, and we are at a complete loss of words to figure out what is going on. Coolest looking class picture of the decade for sure.

Any ideas of the origin? Comments open.

UPDATE: Commenters @ and at this posting at BoingBoing sleuth out the source: Anderson Junior College in Singapore. Apparently students take one traditional photo and another wacky one. This photo became famous two years ago and was a mini-scandal – read all about it here.

(Thanks to: Brandon, Wandle, & Grace)

6 thoughts on “Asian Class Picture Mystery

  1. brandon

    yeah that’s a singaporean junior college. they took a normal photo, and then that one. the official word is that no one noticed it when it happened, and the photos were confiscated by the school authorities when they were developed. but someone got a copy and put it online, and then lots of singaporean social networks and photo galleries put them up, prompting a local tabloid to publish it (and a story), and the college had to publicly play it down and reprimand the 2 students in question. i think they had to deny any alternative sexual orientations were at play, and that it was done merely ‘in the spirit of fun’.

    this all happened about 2 years ago, by the way.

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