Embrace: Britpop Comeback!

Anyone remember Embrace? Their debut album “The Good Will Out” was one of 1998’s best releases – an excellent mix of Oasis and The Verve and all sweeping big choruses. Your regular excellent British indie CD, it was widely available in the US, and fortunately, widely available cheap and used (Remember, this was pre-Napster). It’s worth every bit of the 1 cent it is going for on ebay.

After the good will out, Embrace released two pretty awful records and even went so far as to release a Best-Of Complilation. Then, Embrace split up. Temporarily, as it turns out.

For some reason, in 2004 Embrace has waged a comeback, and it’s pretty ferocious. Someone at Independiente was smart enough to sign Embrace to a new contract and give them all the time in the world to record an album. The resulting album “Out of Nothing” is a rare surprise, as it’s not only great, it’s probably Embrace’s best album. Shocking, considering that this same band has released nothing of note for nearly 6 years.

No plans for a US release yet, but “Out of Nothing” is a record that anyone who drools over Keane or Coldplay. A matter of fact, Coldplay’s Chris Martin wrote Embrace’s newest single “Gravity”.

Download Embrace: “Gravity”

Watch the video for “Gravity”

Stream the album “Out Of Nothing”

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