Bloc Party: Live

Bloc Party played their first US show last night @ Knitting Factory and lived up to the full-on hype that has been throwing at them. A great set from a band that few had heard until very recently. Only slight disappointment: Bloc Party neglects to play their best song and current UK single ‘Little Thoughts’.

Misc show trivia: Bloc Party’s sound guy inexplicably wore no shirt; the dude from thinks he’s Richie Tennebaum; groupies still exist; no one stayed to watch A.R.E. Weapons; opening band Automato did not meet with’s approval; and no matter how much you like a British band, there are Japanese girls who knew about them first, and like them better.

UPDATE: Bloc Party are playing a free show @ Tribeca Grand this Saturday.

More In The Monitor also enjoyed the show.

Excellent live photos from last night on WireImage courtesy of Tim Soter. Even more photos available here and also here.

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(photo courtesy Jon Hurwitz)