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McNeal & Niles: Funktastic

Rescued from a totally obscure existence, the CD re-release of McNeal & Niles: Thurst is worth checking into it. This funk duo from Ohio released ‘Thrust” in 1979, and the album incorporates funk, disco, and new wave, and manages to sound pretty contemporary even in 2004. Some of the tracks are kinda 70’s-cop-show-chase sounding, particularly this track, “Hypertension” – moog keyboards, wah-wah guitar, loose bass. Apparently RJD2 has sampled quite a bit of this record already.

Download McNeal & Niles- “Hypertension”.

Register to Vote

Ready for another 4 years of Bush? Constantly complaining about the state of affairs even though you never vote?

Newsflash: If you aren’t registered, you can’t vote. If you click here to register to vote, you could also win $100,000. Yes: Register to vote, possibly win $100,000.


cityrag observes the new fad sweeping the streets on NYC: Federlings – young males following the fashion of the new Mr. Britney Spears, Kevin Federline.

How do you spot a Federling? Look for “… tipped b-ball cap, baggy jeans and white top, big floppy unlaced kicks, and a nice little line of groomed stubble around the chin.”

U2: “Vertigo” MP3

Last we checked, you could download it here. If that fails to work, you can always get it over here.

P.S. It’s a great song.

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