The Gotti Boys’ Hair: pass the gel has to admit that “Growing Up Gotti”, the show about mob daughter Victoria Gotti’s family, is pretty entertaining. And while it’s only semi-reality (note to producers: too many bad, obvious setups and fake conflicts) it is the over-the-top spoiled, obnoxious, brawling Gotti sons that are the real draw of the show. What can’t really get over is how the sons (Frank, Carmine, and John) gel the living hell out of their HAIR. Their hair ends up looking like punk-rock meets guido-jock. Total insanity!

101 thoughts on “The Gotti Boys’ Hair: pass the gel

  1. Frankie

    There was another question about wat gel me and my brothers use. Well i use to use Gotabe but now me and john use Ice.

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