Monthly Archives: August 2004

RNC hits NYC

Having trouble figuring who is a visiting Republican, and who isn’t? Most dress like this nattily attired gentleman, Joe Piazza. If Republicans like anything, it’s lots of bejewelment and tons of flair.

Strokes Singer’s Girlfriend blogs is currently digging the amazing ramblings of The Strokes singer Julian Casablanca’s girlfriend’s amazingly candid blog. Julian’s gal pal Christina (or is it fiance?) also has photos of the band on the bus, backstage, and has great quotes, like: “I smell like pot and sex. Fucking DELICIOUS…”.

Christina also seems to have some history with Carl Barat of The Libertines, which just makes for some gigantic public trans-atlantic indie rock soap opera.

Enjoy it now!

(via Moistworks)

UPDATE: Blog site has gone dead, perhaps from a traffic influx from Gawker, or some other mysterious reason (like the whole thing was bogus). Apparently, credit due for discovering Christina’s site should go to Ultragrrrl and/or Lindsayism.

P.S. Excellent screenshots of what the site looked like can be found here.