New York Times on sneakers is amazed at how completely behind the curve the New York Times is with Sunday’s article “The Rebirth of the New York Sneakerhead” (registration required).

It’s well known that really, really likes our sneakers (mostly Adidas and Nike, thanks for asking) and goes high and low to find them, but the New York Times is reporting on a New York phenomenon about 18-24 months after they should have. Kids have been lining up at Supreme since early-2002 for sneakers. Fortunately, the downward slope of sneaker craziness is here – now you have 12-year-old boys trying to get the greatest and rarest and greedy ebay resellers lining up to sell them. Predicition: by 2006, the whole scene will be sneaker-nerds once again.

Luckily in New York, great sneakers are easy come by, as most rare/exclusive sneaker shops are in one square mile: Clientele, Nort, Supreme, Classic Kicks, Prohibit, Alife Rivington Club, Nike 255 (a sneaker GALLERY), Dave’s Quality Meats, Union, Nom De Guerre, and Stussy. A nice guide to these places can be found here.

The best thing about this article was the fact that the New York Times managed to get some quotes from the super-reclusive James Jebbia, founder of Supreme and Union.