Everyday is like Laundry Day

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Spotted at Morrissey-Solo and lated mentioned in SFGate.com, this photo captures everyone’s favorite miserable old crooner, Morrissey, throwing some sheets in his trunk. What’s so unusual about that? SFGate breaks it down:

“Morose musician Morrissey may stay at London’s top hotels when he returns to the English city — but he brings his own bedding. The former Smiths frontman arrived in the capital’s swish Dorchester Hotel Wednesday and is so fussy, he brings his own sheets and pillows.

A hotel source says, “The hotel costs $720 a night, but Morrissey obviously likes his own comforts.”

witz.org has gotta go with Moz on this one. The hotel’s sheets could have been washed in meat or something. Vegan laundry is where it’s at.

(Photo scanned from the always reliable Sun.)

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