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Xtina meets Warhol

Jane Magazine must be really hard-up for story angles. Xtina and Warhol? Even thinks this is a weird angle for a cover story:

From one icon to another — that’s Christina Aguilera posing in front of Andy Warhol’s silkscreen portraits of Marilyn Monroe last Monday. Aguilera, in Pittsburgh to visit her family, was asked to pick a location where she could be interviewed for the September cover of Jane magazine. She chose The Andy Warhol Museum, which she toured with Esther Haynes, the senior editor at Jane. Since the museum is closed to mere mortals on Monday, she managed to walk and chat without interruption.

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Cure’s Curiosa is on; Lollapalooza still off

It appears’s earlier report on The Cure’s Curiosa Festival getting cancelled are, thankfully, very incorrect. Ticket sales have picked up – turns out goths like to wait until the very last minute before committing. Guess being morose and suicidal doesn’t help one’s long-term planning skills.

The Cure’s Curiosa Festival hits NYC on July 31, with opening acts Interpol, the Rapture, and Mogwai. Unfortunately, the venue is the horrid dirtfarm that is known as Randall’s Island, which is also no fun to get to (Take the footbridge on East 103rd Street in Manhattan. Or, by car or bus, take the Triborough Bridge from either East Harlem or Astoria, Queens).

In other news, Perry Farrell’s Lollapalooza is still cancelled. redesigns’s favorite music reference website,, has been redesigned.

Let clarify: has been redesigned and rendered nearly unnavigable.

Already people are weighing in with discontent, a good technical discussion is raging at, and the kids at Modwheel link to alternate music reference sites, some even better that the newly awful

(FYI – The new is barely working, and the above image is the older, superior version)