Harold, Kumar, and THAT Jon Hurwitz


Many witz.org readers may be entirely unaware that there is another Jon Hurwitz who is younger than the witz.org Jon Hurwitz and is a successful screenwriter (Scary Movie 3, American Pie 3, etc).

Other than some people confusing us somewhat regularly (we both have gone by Jonathan and Jon, adding to the confusion), witz.org finds the entire situation pretty fascinating as we unaware of any other Jon Hurwitz while growing up.

Anyway, that Jon Hurwitz has asked me to pass along this message:

“As many of you know, my first film, Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle; is coming out on July 30th. During the entire advertising process, the MPAA (much like the FCC with Howard Stern) has been censoring them like crazy. The trailer that’s been out in theaters was severly neutered by the MPAA, and even the R Rated one posted below was censored in a major way. Still, this trailer below is a far better representation of what people should expect when seeing the movie:


Please feel free to Re-Post this or forward the link to anyone you think might be interested in the flick. They would really love to get this R Rated trailer out to as many people as possible.”

There you have it.

P.S. Do you think this Jon Hurwitz would like the movie?

One thought on “Harold, Kumar, and THAT Jon Hurwitz

  1. pylorns

    The “other” Jon Hurwitz left a comment on my site – so in searching to see if he had a blog, I came across yours. Anyway, after seeing the premier I can say its def. funny and worth the $$$ to see it at the theatre.

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