Disposable income in your ears


People often stop witz.org and ask us, “Hey Witz, what are you listening to these days?”

Always a difficult question, as witz.org buys about 10-15 cds a month, as well as getting a great deal sent to us in the mail. This is what has risen to the top in the last few months:

The Killers – I thought I would never like this band, as they seemed a bit bandwagon jumping – the “The” name, the look (Strokes-ish), etc – but their debut album Hot Fuss is a great 80’s influenced rock record. At point sometimes too 80’s influenced (easy on the keyboard, killer), but nonetheless much more compotent than most young bands.

Franz Ferdinand – witz.org has known about this band for longer than most thanks to our relationship with Domino Records, but Franz’s twitchy debut album has not left the CD player/iPod in months. Terrific post-punky rock. The backlash against Franz Ferdinand has already begun, which is pathetic and remind us of jealous Strokes-bashing; Franz Ferdinand are tremendous.

RJD2, while many have regarded RJD2 in his short turntablist career as a DJ Shadow clone, the comparison does not really stick. Sure, both where hooded sweatshirts and are deft with the samples and decks – but that’s about it. RJD2’s newest CD, Since We Last Spoke, is much less hip-hop than his previous releases, and much more soundscapes, prog-rock, and twee indie rock. Bizarre, but it all works – a great headphone CD.

2 thoughts on “Disposable income in your ears

  1. kris

    please Jon – let’s not discuss your relationship with Domino. what happens on Perry Street stays on Perry Street.

  2. witz

    My relationship with Domino is strictly on a need to know basis, and did not sway my love of Franz Ferdinand. The bribes from Domino, however, did, for the better.

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