Cure’s Curiosa to get the axe?


With Perry Farrell’s Lollapalooza ’04 getting cancelled, some speculation has arisen that the Cure’s summer tour package, Curiosa will be the next to go. Jim DeRogatis wrote yesterday in the Chicago Sun-Times that “industry insiders say the Curiosa Festival — which brings the Cure, Interpol, the Rapture and Mogwai to the Tweeter Center on Aug. 12 — may be in serious trouble as well.”

Several other sources around the internet have written that for many venues of Curiosa’s tour schedule, only 2000 of 10,000 tickets have been sold for shows just a few weeks away.

What’s wrong with kids this summer? Ideas in the usual place.

UPDATE: Curiosa NOT cancelled. Commence moping!

2 thoughts on “Cure’s Curiosa to get the axe?

  1. Jeff

    I honestly don’t get it…I sorta blamed Curiosa for knocking out Lollapalooza…but with nither selling…it’s beyond me…might be the simple fact that these bands can’t draw 10,000 people in many places…thats alot of people to go see bands that usually draw 5,000 at the most.

  2. Lorraine

    It can also be that most kids rather spend their money on cheaper shows like Warped Tour and Hellfest were they will walk away with lots of free stuff and be provided free food and drinks in some areas (promotional new energy drinks, EasyMac, and Spam in the past).

    Curiosa is $60, pretty steep for me. I’m only buying my ticket on the day of the show, in case ticket sales go down, as it did for DFP, or I somehow find a free way, or cheap scalper who lost money on this investment.

    And if you say that these kids dont like this kind of music, your mistaken. I know minimuum 26 kids that drove from NYC to DC, me included, to see theCure, those tickets were only $45 and it was a bigger show.

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