Jenny and the Ess-Dog


Jenny and the Ess-Dog

from Steven Malkmus
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…and read along:
Jennifer dates a man in a 60s cover band

He’s the Ess-dog, or Sean if you wish

She’s 18, he’s 31

She’s a rich girl, he’s the son

Of a Coca-Cola middle man

Kiss when they listen

To "Brothers In Arms"

And if there’s something wrong with this

They don’t see the harm

In joining their forces and singing along

See those rings on her toes Check that frisbee in his Volvo

It’s a Volvo with ancient plates

They’ve got a dog she named Trey

A retriever with a frayed bandana around his neck

Trey has a window into their relationship

The baby talk voices

And the post class-a nasal drip

But it all seems to function

At least in her dog’s mind

Let me out of here

Let me out of here

You got to let me out of here

You got to let me out of here

Let me out of here

Out of here

Out of here, out of here

Let me out of here ill hit the ground running

Jennifer left for school up in Boulder

And the Ess-dog came to visit when he could

But the strain was too much

They could not make up for distance

And the distance between their years

Neither one listens

To "Brothers In Arms"

The Ess-dog waits tables

And he sold his guitar

Jenny pledged Kappa and she started pre-law

And off came those awful toe rings

Off came those awful toe rings

One thought on “Jenny and the Ess-Dog

  1. Sir Bob of Denver

    Wow, what a great album. Welcome to the year 2001. Maybe you should next post a link to the song “Newark Wilder” by Pavement (1994) or even “Pheurton Skeurto” by Sunny Day Real Estate (1994).

    Did you hear the Pixies have re-united and have gone on tour?

    Way to stay on the cutting edge of the Indie Rock scene.

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