There goes Autumn 2004!


Coming October 2004: Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Almost two years later, is STILL playing Vice City, so we can only imagine the havoc this game will do to our personal/professional lives.

Game Informer Magazine recently did a full-on in depth profile of the game. Check this out:

“This early 1990s fictional interpretation of a combination of California and Nevada isn’t just a greater Los Angeles called San Andreas (New York or Chicago’s Liberty City of the west). (GTA: San Andreas) is instead an amalgamation of San Francisco, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and all of the countryside that would lie between them. Each of the three areas corresponding to the three real-life cities upon which Rockstar drew inspiration is said to be as large as all of Vice City. Put them together and add in the in-between roads and you have a map that’s substantially more than thrice the size of the last GTA.”

Bonus: you are a gang-banger. You do drive-by shootings. You do home invasions. drools.