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Harold, Kumar, and THAT Jon Hurwitz


Many readers may be entirely unaware that there is another Jon Hurwitz who is younger than the Jon Hurwitz and is a successful screenwriter (Scary Movie 3, American Pie 3, etc).

Other than some people confusing us somewhat regularly (we both have gone by Jonathan and Jon, adding to the confusion), finds the entire situation pretty fascinating as we unaware of any other Jon Hurwitz while growing up.

Anyway, that Jon Hurwitz has asked me to pass along this message:

“As many of you know, my first film, Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle; is coming out on July 30th. During the entire advertising process, the MPAA (much like the FCC with Howard Stern) has been censoring them like crazy. The trailer that’s been out in theaters was severly neutered by the MPAA, and even the R Rated one posted below was censored in a major way. Still, this trailer below is a far better representation of what people should expect when seeing the movie:

Please feel free to Re-Post this or forward the link to anyone you think might be interested in the flick. They would really love to get this R Rated trailer out to as many people as possible.”

There you have it.

P.S. Do you think this Jon Hurwitz would like the movie?

Free Subscription to Wired!


Via the kind folks over at Mishpucha, comes this exciting offer from’s ex-employers:

“This link gets you a free subscription to Wired and it looks to be pretty much string-free. Last year I got a year subscription to (name of magazine removed by from the same site with no issues. When you get to the bottom of the form just be sure to select “new” Enjoy”:

Click here:

Disposable income in your ears


People often stop and ask us, “Hey Witz, what are you listening to these days?”

Always a difficult question, as buys about 10-15 cds a month, as well as getting a great deal sent to us in the mail. This is what has risen to the top in the last few months:

The Killers – I thought I would never like this band, as they seemed a bit bandwagon jumping – the “The” name, the look (Strokes-ish), etc – but their debut album Hot Fuss is a great 80’s influenced rock record. At point sometimes too 80’s influenced (easy on the keyboard, killer), but nonetheless much more compotent than most young bands.

Franz Ferdinand – has known about this band for longer than most thanks to our relationship with Domino Records, but Franz’s twitchy debut album has not left the CD player/iPod in months. Terrific post-punky rock. The backlash against Franz Ferdinand has already begun, which is pathetic and remind us of jealous Strokes-bashing; Franz Ferdinand are tremendous.

RJD2, while many have regarded RJD2 in his short turntablist career as a DJ Shadow clone, the comparison does not really stick. Sure, both where hooded sweatshirts and are deft with the samples and decks – but that’s about it. RJD2’s newest CD, Since We Last Spoke, is much less hip-hop than his previous releases, and much more soundscapes, prog-rock, and twee indie rock. Bizarre, but it all works – a great headphone CD.

A surefire way to get traffic

Here is the list of FHM readers 100 Sexiest Women of the World 2004. Semi-Exclusive! Sorry, no nude or naked pictures, photos, images, mpegs, or movies here, you sick perverts…

1. Britney Spears
2. Angelina Jolie
3. Halle Berry
4. Jennifer Garner
5. Alyssa Milano
6. Jennifer Love Hewitt
7. Jennifer Lopez
8. Charlize Theron
9. Pamela Anderson
10. Jessica Simpson
11. Brooke Burke
12. Beyonce Knowles
13. Jessica Alba
14. Anna Kournikova
15. Carmen Electra
16. Faith Hill
17. Salma Hayek
18. Jenny McCarthy
19. Janet Jackson
20. Catherine Bell
21. Shania Twain
22. Eliza Dushku
23. Kristin Kreuk
24. Christina Aguilera
25. Katie Holmes
26. Gwen Stefani
27. Heidi Klum
28. Ashley Judd
29. Cameron Diaz
30. Jennifer Aniston
31. Jenna Jameson
32. Ashanti
33. Ali Landry
34. Sarah Michelle Gellar
35. Denise Richards
36. Lucy Liu
37. Shakira
38. Paris Hilton
39. Kristanna Loken
40. Kelly Ripa
41. Elizabeth Hurley
42. Nikki Cox
43. Jessica Biel
44. Catherine Zeta-Jones
45. Pink
46. Mariah Carey
47. Neve Campbell
48. Nicole Kidman
49. Jaime Pressly
50. Natalie Portman
51. Monica Bellucci
52. Tara Reid
53. Jamie-Lynn DiScala
54. Keira Knightley
55. Heather Graham
56. Liv Tyler
57. Amy Smart
58. Sofia Vergara
59. Tiffani Thiessen
60. Mischa Barton
61. Maria Menounos
62. Mandy Moore
63. Elisha Cuthbert
64. Christina Ricci
65. Charisma Carpenter
66. Rebecca Romijn-Stamos
67. Leeann Tweeden
68. Jennifer Connelly
69. Reese Witherspoon
70. Jolene Blalock
71. Kate Bosworth
72. Kate Hudson
73. Vida Guerra
74. Kaley Cuoco
75. Alyson Hannigan
76. Lisa Guerrero
77. Heather Mitts
78. Courtney Cox Arquette
79. Penelope Cruz
80. Eva Mendes
81. Uma Thurman
82. Jamie Sale
83. Beth Ostrosky
84. Gretchen Bleiler
85. Rachel Leigh Cook
86. Demi Moore
87. Jillian Barberie
88. Tyra Banks
89. Naomi Watts
90. Tara Dakides
91. Gisele Bundchen
92. Rachael Ray
93. Selma Blair
94. Molly Sims
95. Adriana Lima
96. Jeri Ryan
97. Roselyn Sanchez
98. Brande Roderick
99. Mayra Veronica
100. Willa Ford

Cure’s Curiosa to get the axe?


With Perry Farrell’s Lollapalooza ’04 getting cancelled, some speculation has arisen that the Cure’s summer tour package, Curiosa will be the next to go. Jim DeRogatis wrote yesterday in the Chicago Sun-Times that “industry insiders say the Curiosa Festival — which brings the Cure, Interpol, the Rapture and Mogwai to the Tweeter Center on Aug. 12 — may be in serious trouble as well.”

Several other sources around the internet have written that for many venues of Curiosa’s tour schedule, only 2000 of 10,000 tickets have been sold for shows just a few weeks away.

What’s wrong with kids this summer? Ideas in the usual place.

UPDATE: Curiosa NOT cancelled. Commence moping!

Aloha, the Octopus Boy


Ever walk around NYC and notice those graffiti Octopi everywhere? Apparently the guy who throws those up goes by Aloha. Some nice soul has catalogued his work from all over New York. actually met Aloha at a party one time – after that we started noticing the Octopus everywhere we went. Everywhere.

(Via Gawker)