Underrated / Overrated


witz.org, inspired by Chunklet Magazine, is proud to announce our new feature: UNDERATED/OVERRATED. This week, it’s the NYC bands edition!


The Star Spangles: Conventional wisdom says these guys suck, which is why conventional wisdom is usually incorrect. Like a great mix of The Replacements, New York Dolls, and Cheap Trick, the only thing thats holding these guys back is that they are ugly, rude, loud, and refuse to be nice to nerdy music journalists.

Interpol: Yes, that Interpol. Spin and Rolling Stone should be putting this band on the cover of their respective magazines, they are that good. Plus, a band as young as talented as Interpol will only get better, which is frightening. The Joy Division comparisions are kinda unfair (they sound a bit like the Chameleons, if anything), and the fact that they have been successful worldwide should be a kick in the pants for people who lump them in with other bands. Their only drawback is that they have opened the floodgates for a handful of other bad bands from New York who dress like them and live in the same neighborhood.

The Walkmen: With Interpol as popular as they are, it’s tough to believe The Walkmen aren’t AS popular. They are cut from similar DNA, have an excellent pedigree (some of the band used to be in Jonathan*Fireeater), and have a glorious big, open, intelligent 80’s rock sound. Bonus points for the most heartbreaking lyric of the year from “The Rat”: “When I used to go out/ I’d know everyone I saw/ Now I go out alone / if I go out at all.” If you are over 30, you can relate.


stellastarr*: On paper, they are a great band, but in reality, they are completely average. “Jenny” is an OK track, but everything From the “*” at the end of their names to their obvious riding of Interpol’s coattails makes us cringe. Music critics/writers are kind about this band because all they have a large fan base of young downtown party girls who believe they are cool – and these same music critics/writers want to have sex with these girls.

Elefant: Singer Diego Garcia is perhaps the best looking guy in rock n’ roll, which is why he shows up in magazine “celebrity” fashion spreads. But as Nick Lachey can testify, being good looking doesn’t help with music. Even though Elefant is composed of great musicians, their record is a high caliber snoozefest. Avoid.

Peaches: First of all, this picture is terrifying. “Teaches of Peaches” is a great song if you are in a strip-joint in Japan. But with the hard decline of the electroclash/trucker hat/three-years-ago industry, Peaches has decided that it’s just best to be OUTRAGEOUS! Hint: it’s not working.