Monthly Archives: May 2004

Stressing, Winnebago Style


Via the highly touted Vice Magazine, a very old but nonetheless excellent video from 1989 of the CEO of Winnebago, who, according to Vice, “trying to put together an industry tape…the guy fucks up his lines so many times that the film crew put together a tape for themselves that includes, among other things, a montage of him yelling

MMM, Waffles!


BoingBoing reports that those crafty Republicans are googlebombing* John Kerry’s site with the word “waffles,” and Kerry’s supporters are fighting back with a Google AdWord buy for “waffles” that goes to a page on Bush’s waffling.

Try it yourself: Go to Google, and type in “waffles”.

*Google bombing (GOO.gul n. Setting up a large number of Web pages with links that point to a specific Web site so that the site will appear near the top of a Google search when users enter the link text.

Could it get worse?


Get ready for a second round of in the Abu Ghraib prison abuse/torture scandal, this photo is disturbing in and of itself. WARNING: (*graphic content*)

FYI, the lady in the photo is Army Spc. Sabrina Harman of the 372nd Military Police Company. Thumbs up for affecting U.S. Policy in the Middle East for decades to come!