Frances – have you seen Mommy’s money?


Not entirely refreshing to see on tax day, but reports have surfaced today that Courtney Love is in serious financial trouble. In the May 2004 issue of Blender Magazine, Courtney claims “… $40 million has been stolen from me and (11-year-old daughter) Frances by a fiduciary institution.”

Even more disturbing, Love added, “I found out that our dog walker was making $100,000. One person put a BMW on my credit card. My daughter’s trust fund has been stolen from to the point where she may have, like, nothing. I can’t let this happen to Frances.” hopes this story gets sorted out. It is either some sinister conspiracy against Love, or something far less incredible, like Love surrounding herself with leeches, morons, and scumbags. Not a huge Love fan these days, still finds this tragic for Frances Bean Cobain.

More on the Love financial debacle…

P.S. Don’t buy Blender or any Dennis Publishing products.