This Is The First Song On Our New Album


The Beastie Boys have released details of their new album “To the 5 Boroughs”, expected to be released this summer. The track list sounds promising:

“Ch-Check It Out”

“Right Right Now Now”

“3 The Hard Way”

“Time To Build”

“Rhyme The Rhyme Well”

“Triple Trouble”

“Hey Fuck You”

“Oh Word?”

“That’s It That’s All”

“All Lifestyles”


“An Open Letter to NYC”


“The Brouhaha”

“We Got The”

“Ch-Check It Out” is going to be the first single. feels the Beasties should not use the word “Check” having named an album “Check Your Head”, but whatever. They are the best white rappers nearing 40 you will find. Let’s hope that the album is better than “In A World Gone Mad” their well-intentioned but wretched anti-war mp3 they released on the web in 2003.

For particularly trainspotter-y Beastie Boys fans this website catalog of samples from “Paul’s Boutique” can’t be beat.