Happy April Fools, Sucker


Of all April Fools pranks, witz.org’s favorite has always been Sports Illustrated’s cover story “The Curious Case of Sidd Finch” written by George Plimpton. The entire nation fell for Plimpton’s fictitious article about a New York Mets pitching prospect named Sidd Finch, whose fastball had been timed at 168 MPH (no one in baseball has ever pitched faster than around 105 MPH). It included bogus quotes from real-life members of the Mets, as well as several staged photos and was presented as fact. Since this was pre-internet, it took a while for readers to realize and/or find out about the prank.

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2 thoughts on “Happy April Fools, Sucker

  1. Heidi M.

    A very goo book and a great hoax. Not as good as Philip Roth’s The Great American Novel, however, which remains my favorite baseball novel, even if when I first read it I didn’t understand why the battle against communism had to muck up a story about baseball…the return of Gil Gamesh indeed.

    Great site, Witz!

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