Monthly Archives: April 2004

Star Wars Action Figures


Like all children of the seventies, was a huge Star Wars fan, and consequently had all the official toys to show for it. Of course, as these stories go, sold his entire collection of Star Wars toys for $50 in 1983 to purchase an auto-reverse cassette boombox. has always regretted this course of action, and has been trying to find a few of the old toys to relive lost youth. They now cost quite slightly more than in 1978. However, our budget did afford us a kick-ass catalog of all the old toys called the Star Wars Vintage Action Figures. Unsurprisingly, it’s super obssessive and lavishly detailed. Just the gift for the total nerd in your life.

Weirdie Beardie


When it comes to amusing new photos, no one beats Yahoo. Yahoo caption claims this picture shows “German Bernhard Meyer, Italian Domenico Borolin, German Ernst Krause, German Dieter Schradi (top row L-R), German Elmar Weisser, Austrian Franz Mitterhauser, German Hans Gassner and German Dieter Wiezorek (lower row L-R) presenting their beards during the international German beard championships in the town of Leinfelden-Echterdingen, south of Stuttgart, April 24, 2004. More than 150 men from seven countries took part in 16 different categories in the championships.” can’t even grow a beard.

Check out the beardies here.

V2 Records, now firing…

* was fortunate enough to get this bizarro email in our email box today. We have no idea who Bob Rubenstein is, but that guy sure holds a grudge. V2 does sound like a fun place to work though:


FROM: [email protected]

Dear everyone,

I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that today is my last day at V2.