Monthly Archives: March 2004

Nice seats

* was fortunate enough to find out about a presale of tickets for the Morrissey shows at the Apollo Theater in Harlem from a forwarded Morrissey fanclub email with a “secret password”. Unfortunately, the presale information emailed from was totally incorrect. The email I got stated that presale tickets “will be available from Wednesday 3/31 at 8am Pacific Standard Time through Thursday 4/1 at 5pm Pacific Standard Time.”

The email should have read EASTERN Standard Time — 8am Pacific is 11am Eastern. Luckily, randomly checked Ticketmaster and saw the tickets were on sale and ended up with a pair of 6th row Orchestra Center on Thursday, May 6th (seats in bright green, above). Let the nostalgia begin.

More Morrissey info than you need can be found here.

Morrissey Returns


With the release of his first record in seven years “You Are The Quarry”, the return of Morrissey has started in earnest. Of course, has been a fan of The Smiths and Morrissey for years, having seen The Smiths on the “The Queen Is Dead” tour back in 1980s. Take that, new schoolers.

The internet has been fairly abuzz with freaked out Morrissey fans, spreading rumors that old Moz will appear on Lollapalooza. While can’t vouch for Lollapalooza, one rumor that turned out to be true is that Morrissey IS playing 5 nights at the Wiltern Theater in Los Angeles at the end of April. Tickets on sale soon.

UPDATE: witz .org has it from a semi-reliable source that Moz is about to announce that he will be playing five shows at the Apollo Theatre in Harlem, New York. Here are the dates: May 3rd, 4th, 6th, 7th, and 8th. Starting April 3rd, you will be able to get tickets to each individual show or get a special five show package…

Listen to Morrissey’s new single “Irish Blood, English Heart”.

Star Spangles


Not terribly original, nevertheless really enjoys The Star Spangles. Described by Capitol Records’ Jason Roth as “classic-minded NYC punks,” The Star Spangles are playing on Saturday, April 10th on their home turf, CBGB’s. Last October, had a chance to see The Spangles at a showcase and will check them out again. Their debut record Bazooka was one of our favorite CD’s of last year. Worth your valuable time investigating. (Photo Courtesy: Jon Hurwitz)

Enjoy the flier here.

Sir Charles


While the Phoenix Suns have provided some amount of excitement in the past few years, this season has been in the gutter since trading Stephon Marbury to the New York Knicks. That’s why was happy to see the return of Charles Barkley to America West Arena for the retiring of his number into the Suns “Ring of Honor”. Barkley’s appearance sold out the Arena, and after the ceremony, the hapless Suns went on to beat the much better Milwaukee Bucks, 123-111. It was like 1993 all over again.

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